Anxiety and Emotions when Raising Children

In this technological world it is true that in our world there is a lot more that our children have to go through than they used to. With cell phones, social media, the internet, and computers becoming more active in our daily lives our children are having to adapt. Experiencing added stimulus and pressures that once was never felt before.

Whether its being bullied on the internet or seeing how many “likes” one can get on the internet. There is a lot of competition to be “better” or be seen online. This is where true parenting skills come in handy. To be able to protect our children and their emotions is so important. We want to them to grow up healthy and ready to take on the world as a young adult. As parents, if we can give our children a healthy environment and a place of protection, this can go a long way in aiding our children’s development.

Anxiety is all about worrying and living in the future. Your mind perceives a threat and wants to control a situation. Doing things like expressing your emotions, breathing exercises, and even coming back to the present moment are all things that we can teach our children. Lets help our children combat anxiety today. For extra support to release trapped emotions and anxiety that may be stored in the body. Visit

Watch this video below for added support for our children: